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Digital Pet Gifts for Christmas

Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one can be a stressful task. You want to make sure that the gift you give is something they’ll love, and something they’ll remember. If you’re stuck on what to buy, why not consider a digital pet portrait?

Digital pet portraits are a fun and interactive way to spread holiday cheer, and they make a great gift for family and friends of all ages. They’re also easy to create with a service like Cute Pet Portrait and can provide plenty of entertainment and joy. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of digital pet portraits available and how to find the perfect digital pet portrait Christmas gift for your loved ones. From robotic puppies to virtual fish, there’s a digital pet portrait out there for every pet and everyone! So, put on your Santa hat, and let’s go shopping!

Our Gifts Have Amazing Reviews!

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Image #1 from Beth
Verified ownerVerified owner

I absolutely love the photo of my Doug! I can’t stop looking at it lol

9 months ago
Image #1 from Alison Eckels
Alison Eckels
Alison Eckels
Verified ownerVerified owner

I love my pets portrait! I can’t wait to hang it on my walls. Cute Pet Portrait was quick and easy to reach and made the process so easy! Definitely the perfect choice for your pet pictures!

2 years ago
Image #1 from Garrett A.
Garrett A.
Garrett A.
Verified ownerVerified owner

My cat Finn has always a valiant stoicism that he carries himself with. While I have always been able to see his heroic nature, I have fallen short communicating this to my house guests and social media followers. I fall short in this aspect no longer. Finn has now been immortalized, garbed in heroic attire.
Going through the process of ordering the portrait was intuitive. The website was quick to complete the work and even reached out to confirm that I was happy with the finished product before finalizing things.
I’m very happy with my pet portrait, and recommend this service!

2 years ago

Digital Pet Gifts for Christmas

So why should you get your loved one a digital pet portrait gift for Christmas? Simple! It’s fast, easy, and super cute. At Cute Pet Portrait, we make amazingly customized digital pet gifts in the form of pet portraits in many different designs and styles.

No matter what type of pet you have (dog, cat, lizard, etc…), we design amazing digital pet portrait gifts for your pet for Christmas. It all starts with you uploading your pet’s high-quality photo for our expert designers to turn into one of our amazing designs. These include pet portraits like Mona Lisa, Caesar, and the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

The process is simple.

Upload your pet's photo | Cute Pet Portrait | Step #2

Send us Your
Pet's Photo

We Create
Their Portrait!

Custom Pet Portrait - Astronaut Pet Portrait - Custom Pet Art - Astronaut Dog

Custom Designed for your pet

After receiving your photo, we check to make sure your pet’s photo fits our photo upload guidelines.

With an approved photo, our expert designers carefully design your portrait using extreme attention to detail and the utmost care. We always review each design with our in-house quality check to make sure it captures every detail of your pet’s personality.

Once we’re happy, we send you a preview of your portrait for approval, then we’ll ship your portraits to you! You approve your portrait before we ever send you anything in the mail or your final copy.

Create a smile with a custom pet portrait from us.


Upload A
Good Pet Photo

Be sure to follow our photo upload guidelines!
Approval Email

& Approve

Don’t worry! You get to approve your portrait via email before we ship it to you.

If there’s anything you want to be changed on the portrait, just let us know within 2 days!

Once you love your portrait draft, we’ll send you the digital copy and ship the product(s) you ordered!

Delivery & Shipping

All orders receive a digital copy of their portraits via email within 2 days of ordering.

For any products (canvas, coffee mugs, etc…), we have Standard or Express Delivery options. Shipping times depend on your location, but we expect…

Standard: 5-10 business days.

Express: 3-6 business days.

So what are you waiting for?! Christmas is the perfect time to show your friends and family how much you care by finding them a thoughtful and unique gift. When it comes to finding the perfect digital pet Christmas gift for your loved ones, there are so many options to choose from, but we hope you’ll consider us as your first choice.

From robotic companion pets to interactive virtual reality pets, the possibilities are virtually endless. Whether your loved one is looking for a new furry friend to keep them company, or a fun way to stay entertained and engaged, a digital pet portrait gift is perfect for them. With the right research and a bit of creativity, you can find the perfect digital pet that will bring joy to your loved ones this holiday season.