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Cartoon Pet Portrait

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Turn your pet into a cute cartoon pet portrait! This custom pet portrait is the perfect gift for your pet or a friend!

Just upload a picture, and we’ll do the rest!

Background: Pearl White / Black / Grey. If you’d like a different background, please indicate so in the form below.

We'll use it to customize your photo and order :)
Digital Download +
Framed Portrait +
Coffee Mug +
Poster +
Phone Case +
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Available in 5 Formats

  • Digital Download (Included in all orders).
  • Framed Portrait (Ready to Hang).
  • Poster (No Frame Included).
  • Coffee Mug.
  • Phone Case (iPhone & Android).

Framed Portrait

Get a museum-quality framed pet portrait that will give your pet a refined look on your wall, table, or anywhere you want!

  • Strong and sturdy semi-hardwood frame, made from renewable forests.
  • Hanging hardware included with your portrait.


Museum-quality posters that really make your pet portrait look like a Van Gogh exhibit in the National Portrait Gallery.

  • Nice-feeling paper thickness that doesn’t break easily.
  • Superb printing quality that makes it feel like you stole it from a museum!

Coffee Mug

Our wonderfully designed mugs are the perfect way to take your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or whatever hot beverage you enjoy while cuddling your pet!

  • The perfect gift!

Phone Case

Your iPhone & Samsung pet portrait phone case will make your pet “best in show” on your phone!


  • Do you only do cats and dogs?
    We do any animal! Our designers are very skilled, so if you send us a picture of your pet, we’ll be sure to make a beautiful portrait, no matter the species!
  • Can I do a portrait of myself?
    Technically yes! We can put anyone’s face in a portrait just as well as an animal.
  • Is my pet photo good enough quality to make a pet portrait?
    If you followed our photo guidelines, then yes your photo is very likely good enough to use in making your pet's portrait.
    • Close-up photos work best!
    • Take a high-quality photo (iPhone, Android, or Digital Camera).
    • Take your photo at eye-level with your pet.
    • Take your photo in natural daylight and don’t use flash.
    • Have your pet sit or stay still – make sure there’s no blur.
    • Make sure all of the pet’s head is in the picture, including ears!
    We have a team dedicated to checking photos as orders are placed. If there’s an issue with your photo, we’ll let you know very quickly via email. If we do need a new photo from you, this may lengthen your delivery time by a few days. Please note that if you refuse to provide a new photo after we have informed you that the original photo may not result in the best quality artwork, then we cannot refund you. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the photo you provide.
  • What are the sizes of your framed portraits?
    The frame sizes are:
    • 8″ x 11.5″ This is a favorite for those looking to gift a portrait. Note that our 8″ x 11.5″ has a slightly different height-to-width ratio than our other sizes and therefore your costume may not feature as much of the shoulder area as shown in the product photos on our product pages.
    • 11.8″ x 15.7″ A great mid-sized canvas that looks perfect in entrance halls, living spaces, bedrooms, and of course… above your pet’s bed!
    • 19.7″ x 27.6″ Our favorite size. This size is our original offering and is our consistent top seller to pet parents worldwide. You can’t fault this size, it’s a fantastic large print and you get to see the details of your portrait up close. We love this one!
  • Can I see the portrait before it's delivered?
    Of course! In fact, we send you a copy of the portrait via email for you to approve before we move forward to making your portrait. We allow you up to 3 revisions to make sure you’re happy with your design, but we 90% hit the mark on our first draft!
  • How do you create the pet portraits?
    We carefully make all of our designs by ourselves, never outsourcing work. Our portrait designs are made with expert attention to detail to make your pet's portrait look like it's in a museum. We use a range of photo editing techniques, professional photo retouching as well as a number of complex brush strokes and blending processes to turn your original photo into a pet portrait. Our designers are experts in the field of digital retouching and making photos appear like museum-quality portraits.
  • Do you offer refunds or returns?
    Returns – Since your portrait is custom-made for you, we cannot accept returns. We always ask for your approval on your portrait before we sent anything to you in the mail. In other words, just let us know exactly how you want your portrait, and it will show up at your door that way! 🙂 However, if your order comes damaged in the mail, please let us know by sending a picture of the damage. We’ll send another one as fast as we can at no additional cost to you. Refunds – After you approve the draft portrait we send you in your email, we cannot accept refunds.
  • What if I don't like my artwork?
    We’re sure you’ll love it! Remember, we always confirm with you before printing anything, so there's no chance that you won't love what comes to you in the mail or email! Once your portrait is ready, we’ll notify you via email for you to approve the artwork. You have 2 days to either send us your edit requests or approve your portrait. If 2 days go by and we don’t hear from you, we’ll consider it approved and will proceed with sending you your physical product(s) (if ordered in addition to your digital download). We’re proud to offer up to 3 revisions free of charge, so you can be confident you’ll love your portrait.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, American Express and more. We also accept PayPal payments.
  • Will I receive a shipment tracking number?
    Yes, all orders are shipped with tracking numbers and information. You’ll receive the tracking number via email after we ship your order.
  • When should I expect my order to be delivered?
    After you approve your portrait via the email we send to you, all orders receive a digital copy of their portraits via email. For any products (framed portraits, coffee mugs, etc...), we have Standard or Express Delivery options. Shipping times depend on your location, but we expect...


    Standard: 5-10 business days. Express: 3-6 business days.

    Other Countries

    Standard: 7-14 business days.
  • How It Works

    Upload your pet's photo | Cute Pet Portrait | Step #2

    Send us Your
    Pet's Photo

    We Create
    Their Portrait!

    Custom Pet Portrait - Astronaut Pet Portrait - Custom Pet Art - Astronaut Dog

    Custom Designed for your pet

    After receiving your photo, we check to make sure your pet’s photo fits our photo upload guidelines.

    With an approved photo, our expert designers carefully design your portrait using extreme attention to detail and the utmost care. We always review each design with our in-house quality check to make sure it captures every detail of your pet’s personality.

    Once we’re happy, we send you a preview of your portrait for approval, then we’ll ship your portraits to you! You approve your portrait before we ever send you anything in the mail or your final copy.

    Create a smile with a custom pet portrait from us.


    Upload A
    Good Pet Photo

    Be sure to follow our photo upload guidelines!
    Approval Email

    & Approve

    Don’t worry! You get to approve your portrait via email before we ship it to you.

    If there’s anything you want to be changed on the portrait, just let us know within 2 days!

    Once you love your portrait draft, we’ll send you the digital copy and ship the product(s) you ordered!

    Delivery & Shipping

    All orders receive a digital copy of their portraits via email within 2 days of ordering.

    For any products (canvas, coffee mugs, etc…), we have Standard or Express Delivery options. Shipping times depend on your location, but we expect…

    Standard: 5-10 business days.

    Express: 3-6 business days.

    3 reviews for Cartoon Pet Portrait

    1. Vy (verified owner)

      Awesome and fast. Cuteness overload!

      Image #1 from Vy
    2. Alison (verified owner)

      I love my dogs portrait! Cute Pet Portrait captured my dog perfectly! I can’t wait to hang this in my home!

      Image #1 from Alison
    3. Alison Eckels (verified owner)

      I love my pets portrait! I can’t wait to hang it on my walls. Cute Pet Portrait was quick and easy to reach and made the process so easy! Definitely the perfect choice for your pet pictures!

      Image #1 from Alison Eckels
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